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NewYouWellness Massage services 40+ year old, busy and stressed women professionals and entrepreneurs providing therapeutic, stress relief onsite so they can have clarity of mind and work productively in their businesses. We believe self care and relaxation are necessities for women professionals and beneficial with helping them maintain their schedule without burnout.  We provide 1-on-1 and group coaching to assist them with creating a daily practice of wellness. In addition, we provide services that encourages prioritizing "Me Time"  in order to rejuvenate and nurture self.

With NewYouWellness Massage on your team, we will help reduce the stress from the demands any profession or business brings.  Our professionally trained Therapists insure our clients' well being and provide the "kneaded" attention they require and deserve to equip them to be their best, so they can deliver their best.

NewYouWellness Massage would love to serve you and discuss how we can assist you. Please, give us a call and schedule a free 30-Min, 1-on-1 consultation or group information session. We are here to assist you to be your best, do your best and deliver with excellence! 







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