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Client Reviews:

"Thank you Natasha, my experience with NewYouWellness was delightful."  Karla Taylor


"Today I had the most amazing experience, I was stressed prior to arriving and my mood instantly changed walking into the room. The scene was set for relaxation and soothing music played in the background. 

I am always multitasking and today was no exception; however, Natasha insisted I relax and be in the moment. Her expert touch and soothing persona, as well as the entire experience from start to finish enabled me to relax to the point of sleep.

I have already booked my next appointment. I highly recommend NewYouWellness Massage."  E. Harris


"My massage treatment with NewYouWellness was refreshing and helped revitalize my energy. Thank you for the much needed stress relief. " N. Caldwell


"Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful gift at my home. You are awesome!" P. Caradine


"My Mother's Day started off right! Full body massage in the comfort of my home by the Relaxation Coordinator Natasha White. She dis an awesome job!"  P. Williams


"Thank you for the services you offer. They are badly needed and you are the person to do this work."  D. Michels (YWCA)


"I enjoyed being relieved of tension and stress in the comfort of my home. Natasha was gentle and made sure I was comfortable throughout my massage session. I will use NewYouWellness again."  T. Brown


"NewYouWellness has a different take on how we should care four ourselves."  K. Ingram (KRJ Resources)


"Best Massage Ever!"  Mario Pointer


"Awesome sauce!"  K. Ingram (KRJ Resource)

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